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The event will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 20013-16, the prescriptions of the RYA, these instructions and the appropriate class rules.

Notices to the competitors will be posted in the clubhouse opposite the north door.

Changes to the instructions will be posted at least 30mins before the start time.

Flag Y will not be flown, adequate personal buoyancy must be worn when afloat, this changes rule 40.

Schedule of Races :

    Briefing : 12.00 hrs at the clubhouse Saturday

    Race 1  : start 14.00 hrs Saturday

    Race 2  : asap after race 1

    Race 3  : start 11.00 hrs Sunday

    Race 4  : asap after race 3

    Race 5  : asap after race 4

Flags, courses, and marks will be announced at the briefing.

Starts will be with a 3 minute warning flag E and a 2 minute preparatory signal flag P which is removed at 1 minute, then start as E flag is removed. (as rule 26).

Postponement flag AP, will be used normally, when removed the start sequence will commence 1min later.

The start/finish line will be between the main mast of the committee boat and an orange mark. A boat starting later than 10 minutes after her starting signal will be scored Did Not Start. A shortened course finish may be between a RIB or another committee boat and an adjacent mark of the course. The S flag from the committee boat denotes a shortened course and N denotes abandonment. (there will be no ‘hook finishes’, ie sail the shortest line to the finish).

Rule 42 : as provided in rule 67, the protest committee, can without a hearing, penalise a boat that has broken rule 42.

Time limits : the limit for each race is 90 minutes. Boats finishing more than 30 minutes after the first of her class will be scored Did Not Finish, unless the race officer is able to award their current position plus one. This is discretionary and the Race Officer’s decision is final.

The protest time limit is 60 minutes after the Race Officer has returned ashore.

Scoring will be the low point system of appendix A. If 5 races there is one discard. When fewer than 4 races there will be no discard.

Competitors participate entirely at their own risk. The organising authority will not accept any liability for any losses whatever associated with this event. In putting to sea a helm has decided that he and his vessel are competent and equipped suitably for the conditions. Each participating boat shall be insured with third party insurance with minimum cover of £2million.


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